Recreating Celebrity Street Style

Paparazzi photos are a great way to stay on top of the latest in street style. Two leading women in street fashion trends are Sophia Richie and Hailey Bieber. 

Sophia Richie repeatedly steps out in something I like to call simple yet chic. She avoids any obnoxious patterns or overwhelming fabric. She also ensures that the clothing she chose is flattering and stylish in a subtle way. 

Photo from Flickr

In order to mimic her look, I pair a form-fitted, cropped shirt that is one solid color, with a statement pant leg, often with a flared bottom. She also uses the appropriate accessories to dress up these casual pieces, like a heeled boot and chunky gold hoops.

Photo by Audrey Wagner

I love this look because it is very easy to recreate and perfectly complements items from your everyday wardrobe to create a fashion forward outfit. 

With the summer months coming up, I have been on the lookout for inspiration on some go-to yet trendy outfits, and Hailey Bieber is a great inspiration for this. She is known for her statement look of dressing up casual and oversized clothing pieces, much like the one shown in the photo here. 

Photo from Celebs First

This is a simple yet classy way to dress up any pair of jean shorts on a hot summer day. By adding an oversized, button down blouse and some chunky sneakers, you can rebrand a business professional shirt as an everyday casual top. 

Photo by Audrey Wagner

One way to add an extra dimension to this outfit is incorporating small details like socks that rise above your ankle or a colorful scrunchie. 

If there is a celebrity who embodies your ideal wardrobe, staying up to date on the paparazzi photos of their street style is a great way to get some inspiration!