Image via Apple Apps

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I have become a baker. Initially, I swore that I’d never take up baking and was convinced that I was not a person who could nor would bake. However, this lockdown situation made me realize how fun baking is and how passionate I am about it. In the beginning, I almost burnt down my house. However, with a year of practice combined with numerous mistakes, I have become quite the baker!

I started my baking journey by using box mixes. Then, I progressed to following online recipes from bloggers. As I perfected the art of following directions, I started to come up with my own recipes.

This is where RecipeBox came in clutch. Using the RecipeBox app, I can create and save recipes. All I have to do is add the instructions, baking time, ingredients, and pictures in the appropriate areas on the screen and click save. At any time, I can revisit my recipes and create new recipes. Currently, I have about 10 recipes saved in RecipeBox. I am adamant about coming up with more new recipes!

In my RecipeBox, I have donut, muffin, cupcake, banana bread, and loaf recipes. I love taking pictures of each of my creations and uploading them into this app as well!

This app is a great way for me to remember all of my recipes and creations! Baking has become a way for me to play with creativity and push away boredom!