Reading, Skincare, and Planning

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Although my nighttime routine varies weekly, depending on what time I am sleeping and how tired I am, there are a few things that I try to do every day. My favorite part about my nightly routine is I always try to spend thirty minutes reading before bed. I have always loved reading, but with all the activities I have, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to do so. For this reason, I set aside thirty minutes every night to read. It allows me to relax and destress. Reading is a great way to spend a few minutes forgetting about all the worries you have and to just get lost in a fictional world. It also makes me feel more tired and ready for bed.

Secondly, I put on soft music and do my skincare. For nights that I have more time, I like doing a gentle face mask and exfoliator. However, most nights, especially during school, I do not have time to do a full skincare routine before bed. Instead, I wash my face with soap and water then apply rose oil to my face. Rose oil hydrates the skin, helps clear acne, and reduces aging. It makes my face feel refreshed and relaxed. I also apply rose oil to my cuticles. I have the tendency to pick the skin around my fingernails out of habit, so putting rose oil helps heal any cuts or scabs I have around my fingers.

The last thing I do before going to sleep is make a schedule for the next day. I roughly plan out what I want to accomplish the next day. This allows me to feel ready for the morning, and helps me be more productive when I wake up. In my schedule, I write the time I want to wake up and how long I think each activity I want to accomplish that day will take. Although it is not always accurate, it gives me a rough estimate of what I can do that day.