Quarantine and Chill

Relaxation is so important while we are in quarantine. Here are my three favorite items that help me destress and take a break from the real world. 

The first are candles. Candles are calming, soothing, and they smell amazing. They help transport you into a total world of zen. 

Photo by Anica Armstrong

The next item that I use to help me destress is a face mask. Face masks have many different benefits that make using one so worth it! Face masks not only help to clear and hydrate your skin, but they also help you relax. When you put on a face mask, I automatically relax and calm down. When you have on a face mask the mobility that you have is somewhat limited, so sometimes you have no choice but to sit back and enjoy a peaceful moment. 

Photo by Anica Armstrong

The last item that I use to de-stress is a gel beaded eye mask. This works when hot or cold–it really just depends on your preference. Once you have it to your desired temperature, choose a relaxing spot. Then turn on some calming music, turn off your lights and close your curtains, put the eye mask on, close your eyes and relax. This eye mask has calmed me down many times and has even helped relieve headaches that I have had. I promise you it is worth it! 

These are the items that really help me de-stress and calm down in times such as these. I hope they have been helpful and work for you if you decide to try them. Good luck and stay safe!