Put Yourself Out There and Try a New Sport!

Image Source: Jillian Murray

Getting into the rhythm of maintaining a healthy fitness routine can be difficult, especially when times are tough while you try to plan the perfect workout in your busy schedule. During my vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho, I watched my boyfriend play golf with his mom. Nervous and worried to take a swing myself as he handed me the golf club, I knew that I wanted to try this sport. 

He told me to keep my eyes on the ball for each swing. With my left arm staying straight and my right arm slightly bent, I made sure to follow his directions because I wanted to perform well while learning the basic steps. Trying out a new sport for the first time can be really scary. With all eyes on you, the pressure can be intimidating. However, I am proud to say that I tried my best while feeling confident that I can do it! 

Sports are a great way to feel your best while doing something fun and enjoyable. They allow for growth, opportunities, and even the ability to get out of your comfort zone. Golf is the perfect example of this mindset. With each swing, you learn what technique works for you. With concentration and patience, anyone can have the confidence to take a swing at the ball. Trust me, seeing the greens so far away can seem frightening and unattainable. However, it is also invigorating! With a positive outlook, it is possible. 

Always remember to not be so hard on yourself. Sometimes when we are having bad days, it can be easy to take the route of negative self doubt. But, that gets you nowhere! Truly, it just creates a spiral of negativity, thus not putting your mindset in the correct position. 

Golf in particular is great for the mind and overall self growth. You get out of your comfort zone while putting your focus on something. I suggest everyone to try out a new sport once in a while. Whether it is something that requires a lot of time and patience, or one that is fast-paced and moves quickly like badminton, everyone deserves to feel the confidence from trying something new. Now, get out there and have some fun!