Preparing for the Upcoming Fall Semester

Image via 8tracks

As school starts back up again, students are nervous and excited. Many schools are holding in-person classes now, and it can be a scary transition from Zoom. I know it’ll be a weird switch for me since I’ve become so accustomed to talking to people over my laptop, and now I’ll have to get used to face-to-face interaction again. My classes actually start this week, and it’s been a bit nerve-wracking getting everything prepared, and knowing that I’ll have to drive to school and find all of my classes like I’m a freshman again. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for school to be “normal” again! I know a lot of people might be feeling stressed too, so I thought I’d share some of the ways that I’ve been preparing for this semester!

1. Find and buy your required books before classes start! 

Getting your books late isn’t always a good idea if your professors want you to start using them right away. Look into the required books for your classes, and purchase or find PDFs of them before you go to class. This way, you can also find the cheapest pricing option and won’t have to worry about the delivery times. Try to also rent books instead of buying them to save more money.

2. Get organized!

I don’t really do any back-to-school shopping besides buying new pens since I have everything I need on my laptop, but make sure you aren’t running low on materials before the semester starts. This way, you can plan everything and get organized beforehand to help you be more stress-free. If you use your laptop for just about everything school-related, I also recommend cleaning up your files and storage and organizing your work class by class.

3. Get ahead!

I know this is easier said than done, but if your classes open up before school officially starts, it’s a great idea to get as many assignments and homework for your first week done. This helps to prepare you for the rest of the semester, and you know what to expect. My classes don’t officially start until the 19th, but I just finished all of the assignments due this week, and I feel great about this semester already! The more you stay ahead, the better you’ll do, and you’ll have less of a chance of succumbing to procrastination.