Prepare to be Entertained

Image Source: Literary Hub

New Year’s Resolutions are abundant this time of year and I’m willing to bet you’ve made a few yourself. You’ve also probably had hordes of conversations about your favorite media this year, your finely honed opinions, and what’s being released. I myself have expanded the list of media I’m looking forward to experiencing and have a few standout favorites labeled “high priority.”

The first is an upcoming sequel to one of the most watched action movies starring Chris Hemsworth: Extraction 2. When Tyler Rake is tasked with a daring rescue mission, he takes it and puts his life on the line for the child of an international crime lord. The end of the film leaves viewers on a terrifying cliffhanger, so I’m anxious to discover the truth– and what may or may not be next for Rake.  

The next is a show Disney+ has wasted no time advertising: Willow. As a return to the 1988 movie classic, the show reintroduces the high fantasy world in which so many people adventured long ago. The movie follows a young farmer’s quest to protect an innocent baby from the likes of an evil queen, but the show features a sorcerer-led group on yet another dangerous mission. I’ll be tuning in to stay on top of the magic! 

I just received what has been dubbed one of the top books of 2022: Babel by R.F. Kuang. The genre of dark academia has been growing in popularity and though I have only just ventured into it, I know I must start with one of the best. I think that after entering the world of Oxford’s most prestigious translation program and discovering the revolutions and secret societies, I won’t want to leave! 

Keeping track of our greatest movie-watching and book-reading intentions can be tricky. I’d like to meet the person who has never declared they’d put a recommendation on “the list” and then promptly forgotten it! To fix this issue, there are a few things you can do. 

For anything streaming service related, there is often a My List function. On Netflix, by pressing the “+” next to a title, you can save it for later. That way you won’t be plagued by the drama of trying to remember what you saw last Thursday and hoped to binge tonight! 

For remembering the novels you’ve seen on social media and friends’ bookshelves, make an actual To Be Read list. Apps like Goodreads or Storygraph are quite helpful for organizing what you have and have yet to read, or–as I have now done–take a bit of time to actually write one out. After hanging it on my wall where it’s plain to see, I’ve gained immense satisfaction in checking off finished books. If all goes well, I can look at a list full of completed reads at the end of the year! 

Happy 2023! May your year be filled with worthwhile entertainment and the superhero ability to watch and read everything you intend to.