Power Through Education

Image Source: Lakehead University

Activism is key. Everywhere we turn these days there is something fundamentally wrong that needs to be remedied. It can be overwhelming and confusing to see what is happening and to try to find out how to help. There are many different ways—protesting, donating, contacting political leaders, voting, etc.—but some of them are not easy. Sometimes you might not feel safe or comfortable doing them. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is always one thing you can do: educate yourself.

I am not talking about going the extra mile and getting a degree in history, although if that is something that you are passionate about, then by all means, go ahead! I am simply talking about being knowledgeable about the situation, and that is relatively easy to do.

Talk to people who are personally affected by the issue, even friends and family if you are comfortable with it. Ask questions! Find out what is wrong. Learn why it is important to be fixed. Identify how you may unintentionally be part of the problem, and learn how you can stop. Have constructive discussions. If there is no one you can talk to in person, use the Internet—just make sure the sources are reliable and include correct, relevant, and updated information. Miscommunication and misunderstanding are some of the biggest causes of hatred. Do not accept others’ opinions easily; find the facts and come to your own conclusion.

Above all, treat other human beings kindly. We all live on this planet together. We all want peace. We all deserve happiness. The road to these goals starts with education.