Podcast: Desperate Acts of Capitalism

Image Source: @DAOCcast on Twitter

It can be hard to find a good podcast among the thousands of others to choose from. If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to that is both educational and humorous, then you might enjoy Desperate Acts of Capitalism. This podcast is a small, indie podcast that talks about the most bizarre scandals and marketing strategies the popular companies have been a part of. I was recommended this podcast by a classmate after we were assigned to make a podcast episode for our media class. She thought it would serve as inspiration, and it was. I tend to be picky when choosing podcasts, I prefer podcasts where hosts don’t banter too much or take thirty minutes to dive into the subject. However, Hosts CT Kelly and Evan Swope have unmatchable chemistry; they keep the podcast engaging with their quick-wit but do not over-use it or swerve from the main subject long enough for listeners to lose the thread.

In Episode three: “The Cheesecake Factory and Blockbuster”, CT and Evan discuss the beginning of the Cheesecake Factory’s empire and the rise and fall of the nostalgic Blockbuster Video. Did you know that during the ’80s and ’90s, Procter and Gamble were accused of being involved in the church of Satan? In Episode forty-four, the hosts go in-depth about the 1980’s “satanic panic” that boomed among the evangelical community and how Procter and Gamble’s logo may have been the cause of such a rumor. Desperate Acts of Capitalism is proof that expensive equipment is not needed to make a decent podcast.