Pockets or Purses or Backpacks?

When I went to the Los Angeles Smorgasburg, I made sure I wore clothes and a backpack with a lot of pockets and a large carrying capacity. Because the event was extremely crowded and full of instances when I wanted to hurry up in order to keep lines moving quickly, I purposely wore clothes that gave me quick access to my wallet and phone as well as a backpack to carry items I didn’t need at a moment’s notice, such as food leftovers.

Roxanne De Guzman

I really love these leggings I wore because they had two sheer pockets on the side of each leg. They were big enough to fit my phone and I could easily slide it in when I needed to use both hands for something. Because the pockets are not angled, it really helped because I knew my phone would not slide out like it could with a jacket pocket. This makes it easy to just put my phone away and forget about it, but it is never out of reach!

Also, I wore a grey denim jacket that had breast pockets as well as two large pockets on the inside. Because these were a little less conspicuous, I used them to carry my wallet. It was really helpful to not have to dig around my backpack every time I wanted to use it. In addition, with inside jacket pockets, I was secure in my knowledge that my belongings would not fall out or be stolen because they were completely out of plain sight.

Last, I used a backpack to carry miscellaneous items that I knew I would not need during the event, such as keys. With my easy ability to store things all day, everything ran smoothly and quickly and I was able to get out of large lines and crowds quickly and efficiently.

Roxanne De Guzman