Plastic Problems

Image via ABC News

As we all know by now, plastic is horrible for the environment for many reasons, the biggest one being that it doesn’t decompose for anywhere from 20 to 450 years. That’s crazy, and scary to be quite honest. In order to help our planet out—since it desperately needs it—here are a few ways you can cut down on plastic.

Bamboo Products

To start off, bamboo products are a great way to replace many of the items you have at home that are made of plastic. Products such as toothbrushes, dish-washing scrubbers, reusable silverware, straws, diapers, Q-tips, kitchen utensils, and more can be made out of bamboo. Not only does bamboo decompose easily since it is a natural material, but it also grows quickly so that it can be easily utilized in a sustainable manner to make these products. These products are available at many different grocery stores, as well as the following websites: Bamboodu, Plastic Free Shopper, and Bambu.

Reusable Produce Bags

You’ve probably heard of using reusable bags when grocery shopping and whatnot, but what about produce bags? Many people still use the little plastic bags in the produce section even though they bring their own big bags to carry general groceries. Why not take the extra step and buy reusable bags for your fruits and veggies? I myself have some from the website Colony Co; I have had my reusable produce bags for over a year now and they are still in great condition despite using and washing them frequently.

Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, many cleaning products come in plastic bottles. Think of all the sprays you’ve used to clean your house, from glass-cleaner to antibacterial spray. Luckily for us, our innovative society has come up with some alternatives. Some companies such as Veles offer refillable products in order to cut down on plastic waste (the refills tend to come in glass bottles which are easier to recycle). Other companies like Ecover use plant plastic or other plastic-free biodegradable materials for their cleaning product containers. Either way, these are two great alternatives to turn to in order to reduce plastic waste.

I hope that you got some useful information about cutting down on plastic! Please be aware of our planet and how lucky we are to have it.