Picnic Lover

Image via Homey Oh My

Picnics are fun – that’s a fact. There’s nothing better than sitting on your picnic blanket with a couple of friends on a nice 75-degree day, with a view of the ocean, munching on sandwiches and snacks.

I keep finding myself back in Palos Verdes on a patch of grass, overlooking the ocean with a sandwich in my hand, laughing with my friends. The brisk, cool sea breeze and the heat from the sun make my picnic experience that much more perfect. Also, having lunch with friends is always fun.

My friends and I like to switch it up and bring different assortments of food for our picnic outings. One day we’ll have Trader Joe’s goods; another day, we’ll do a homemade potluck, and on other days, we’ll go get takeout from a local restaurant. Regardless of what we’re eating, a picnic with friends always makes me happy and fills my heart!

Summer’s a great time for picnics! Take advantage of the amazing weather and go picnicking!