Other Battles in Activism

Image Source: “When Dismantling Power Dismantles You Instead” – Vice

If you’re an activist, whether for Black Lives Matter or climate change, you are fighting for more than your cause. You are also fighting for your own motivation to keep going, and battling against fatigue. Sometimes we get into the mind space that what we’re doing doesn’t matter, or “I’m just one person, I can’t change the world on my own.” And I totally understandI get that way too.

However, I’m here to say that what you do matters. If you hold a small protest in your hometown, that matters; you are bringing awareness to your own community and encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone. Boycotting certain brands, going wasteless, posting on your social media, signing petitions, and educating yourself and others are all things that can and will make an impact. You never know how much your words or actions can influence someone else’s mind; use your voice and possibly your privilege to prop movements up and to keep them going! We are in a time of change where we can truly accomplish something, and that starts with you. 

I just wanted to remind everyone that your efforts are important. After all, if everyone thought that their actions were hopeless, where would we even be today?