Organizing Media

Image Source: Pixabay

Downloaded too many apps during quarantine? Want to make a bigger impact with your time but feel too spread out with different platforms? Now is a good time to improve our mental health as well as our efficiency by focusing on what matters most, especially regarding the media that we use.

In addition to eating up your device’s memory, having too many apps or subscriptions contributes to an information overload that hinders an individual’s attention and ability to make choices. After clearing out the clutter on a device, you will find that spending less time searching through unnecessary media improves your memory and stress.

The following tactic uses the process of deleting extra apps and subscriptions to improve effective use of media:

Start with a category, like apps or subscriptions. Within those categories, focus on groups that are similar in purpose, like combining apps that are game focused.

Unsubscribe from channels or services that are not used as often as you thought. Think about it this way: what do you choose to use? Maybe a subscription was useful to you before and you enjoyed it; that is good. It served its purpose, and now you can feel free to delete it.

If there is an app that would normally be useful, but you are not using it, it is okay to delete it. Maybe it is a budgeting app, or a cooking hacks saved to your homepage. If you are not going to use it, however, it is not serving its purpose. Instead, find another way you will use to meet that need. Deleting apps and subscriptions like this can encourage you to take action by reminding yourself of what is valuable to you.

If there are apps that you do not use now, but know you will use them later, put them in a category. Remember to turn off notifications for that app to help clear up your feed with unnecessary messages. Try to “set aside” apps only when necessary to avoid pages of categories.

By decluttering your devices and your media subscriptions, you will be able to spend more time on the things that matter to you.