Organization Strategies

Image via Clipart Library

As a college student, it is crucial to stay organized to help with time management. My first strategy to stay organized is to make a schedule every morning. I first write out everything I want to accomplish that day, including things like showering and calling friends. Then, I start my schedule. I calculate how long each activity should take so I don’t overschedule too many things each day. I also try to schedule all of my school work in the mornings, and I like to be done with all school and chores by 10 pm. This gives me a chance to work out and shower before going to sleep.

Another tip for staying organized is to write out all appointments and plans in a planner. I used to think that I could simply memorize when appointments are instead of writing them down, but that quickly proved to be false. By writing everything down, even if it might seem tedious, you will not forget important days and will plan ahead for them. For instance, if I know ahead of time that I have plans with my friends next week, I will try to get extra work done this week so I don’t have to worry about it later.

Lastly, I stay organized by keeping my workspace clean. My mom used to tell me growing up that when your workspace is a mess, you will feel more overwhelmed and stressed. I have found this to be true. Every morning, I clean my desk and my room, including making my bed. Having a clean room to work in makes me more productive and relaxed.

It is important for everyone to find what organizational strategies work for them. I like to make daily schedules, write out future appointments and plans, and clean my workspace.