Optimizing the New School Year!

Everyone wants to jump back into the new year a clean slate. However, it is easy to fall right back into the bad habits that held you back from reaching your full potential last year. For high schoolers, a lack of organisation and procrastination seem to be common mistakes we all make. To really kick off the year to a good start and maintain that pace throughout, here are a few tips to make you an organised and well managed student.

The first thing I would recommend getting is an agenda. Agendas are a great way of keeping track of the assignments, tests, and projects; deadlines that will come back and get you if you don’t meet them! A lot of people I know turn to electronic agendas, but I find that many (including myself) forget or simply abandon the task of noting down deadlines on a laptop. Paperback agendas, on the other hand, seem to keep students more engaged and managed with their school work. 

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Something else I would recommend is using a timer when it comes to studying or homework. Schoolwork can get boring at times, so using a timer makes the entire session seem like a challenge, keeping it interesting and driven. Furthermore, it leaves no room for distraction, as you are constantly trying to beat the clock and complete as much of the assignment as possible. This hack has really helped with my productivity, as four hour study sessions have been easily cut down by half with twice the productivity. 

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It is so easy to get distracted during study sessions, especially with a phone an arms reach away. That is why muting the phone and keeping it in a different room is so important. This is a very simple and well known tip, but one that many students turn a blind eye on. They think that they are capable of ignoring the incessant ringing of notifications, but honestly, a phone is the biggest distraction a student can have in his or her room. 

And with that, I wish you the best of luck in the new school year!