Online Shopping Fun!

Burly Bands: The Ultimate Hair Tie

As someone who has always had thick and long hair, I have spent years struggling to find hair ties that either lasted or could simply hold my hair up during physical activity. That’s why when a neighbor of ours started up her Burly Band company, I instantly gravitated towards her product. Originally the idea of Burly Bands came from the owner simply having to make her own hair ties by experimenting with different materials found in her home; this was the only way she could keep her beautifully thick curls out of her face all day. Eventually, she had created an ingenious product and began selling them on Amazon, making them from the comfort of her own home. Now, over the years, Burly Bands has become an established company developing its own website and Instagram account (@burlybands). 

The Burly Bands website showcases 6 different colors of the specially made hair ties; they offer black, dark brown, sand, blonde, dark grey, and light grey. One pack of three is sold for $10.99, but the price is worth the months it lasts without any stretching. 

*Pro-tip: you can throw these hair ties in the wash!

Ever since I started using Burly Bands, I’ve never looked back to any other brands. They are extremely good quality with great color options, and the website also provides opportunities to win free shipping or coupons for its products. (all pictures courtesy of Burly Bands’ Instagram)

Loveshack Fancy

Treating yourself is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes this simply means buying yourself something nice especially after you’ve been working hard long hours or maybe finally reached a goal of yours. Whatever it is, many of my friends and I like to online shop to reward ourselves. If you are feeling a little extra spendy, or you want to buy an article of clothing that is both an investment and a piece of art you can visit Loveshack Fancy for some beautiful feminine pieces.

The Loveshack Fancy collections look like they came straight out of a fairytale. These pieces emulate elegance and delicacy that could be worn to a garden party, intimate event, or romantic dinner. A direct quote from their Instagram bio is “eternally dreaming of gardens.” The lookbook is like nothing I have ever seen before; a stunning color scheme of vibrant shades, pastels, and intricate lacing on a lot of their tops and dresses. The website has a unique additional feature with a tab called “storybook.” The tab is compiled of written pieces about occasions where you could wear one of their designs and includes pictures that show how their clothing enriches these experiences. The online store also sells little girl’s clothes, home decor, and tableware.   

I am absolutely obsessed with this website and Loveshack Fancy fashion; if it were up to me this clothing company would have its own category on Pinterest!

Keeping It Real with Wholesome Culture        

If you’re seeking to support online brands with a message and a mission, Wholesome Culture promotes a plant-based lifestyle with products that are all cruelty-free and ethically made. The company is committed to improving the planet by supporting animal rescue and environmental organizations. Their products are also made in Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production or WRAP certified factories; WRAP is a non-profit that certifies factories practicing humane and ethical manufacturing protocol. 

Wholesome Culture sells tops and sweatshirts to skincare and kitchenware! The reason I was particularly drawn to this online store was for its mission and the positive themes on all of their products. Some of their bestselling items promote saving the bees and spreading kindness. 

Prices are pretty reasonable with sweatshirts ranging between $45 and $60 while tops and t-shirts are around $35. Anything from their website could make a unique gift for family or friends! I mean who wouldn’t want to wear a shirt about spreading love and awareness? Especially during such critical times for our planet, online stores like Wholesome Culture really are the gems of the internet!