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After you’ve put the ‘pro’ in PROcrastination by completing the following tasks:

Updating your status

✔ Posting that photo dump on Instagram

Sharing your tweet

✔ Hopping on the latest TikTok trend

✔ Capturing a snap and undoubtedly BEing Real #nofilter

It’s time to review your notes! On that thought, you’ll need a catchy playlist to help you stay focused on your schoolwork so you can certainly catch the deadline for your 5-8-10-I-lost-track-of-how-many-pages essay and review for that upcoming exam.

Listening to a good playlist isn’t only beneficial for focus while studying; it boosts your serotonin, eases your stress, and helps you retain information as well. Try listening to these mellow tracks to help you get into the groove and stay on track with your studying:

Lo-Fi Tunes

These tunes don’t stop here, so there is no need to feel disheartened! Continue your study session while listening to more wholesome and eclectic lo-fi beats here. But if the lo-fi playlist isn’t the vibe for you while studying, indulge yourself in the beauty of classical music.

Classical Music

Rejoin your study group with more illustrious composers: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin, and listen to more classical music here.

Forget procrastination plug in your headphones to drown out distractions from completing your schoolwork. Mute and set aside your phone as you study to tune out the piercing *dinging* notifications, and attune your studying habits to listening to the calm, tuneful flow of lo-fi and classical music during your study sessions. You’ll be surprised at how productive you become!