Not So Basic Basics

There are a lot of things considered to be basics when it comes to beauty and fashion. There are things that are fairly basic that may not be thought of generally when thinking about beauty basics in regards to makeup, skin care, and hair care.  Here’s a couple things that have become basic to me, but may not be considered as general basics.

  1. Conditioner is not a condition.

If you have thin, fine hair like I do, you may have noticed upon using conditioner, your hair ends up weighed down and looking less voluminous than before.  I find this is even worse at certain times of year, like winter and summer.

So give it a skip, if not all together then maybe consider using it once a week.  If you’re worried about not conditioning your hair, however, use it on all your hair that is not right on your scalp.

  1. Don’t default to anti-perspirant.

Sweating is natural, and it is overall a good thing, so trying to keep the body from sweating can cause discomfort from being hotter, or in some cases, excess sweat (some people, like me, actually have a reaction where the sweat more because their body rebels against the anti-sweat ingredients..

So I’ve been using Old Spice deodorants, which are considered more “manly”, but there are some scents I really like.  They also have a lavender scent now too.

With these couple new things in mind, go forth and continue to be your best, most beautiful self!zx