Not meant to stay in drafts: Sabrina Carpenter’s emails i can’t send

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Sabrina Carpenter poured her heart and soul into making her latest album, emails i can’t send. The album was released on July 15th, and you best bet I’ve been listening to it every day since.

Here’s the tracklist of emails i can’t send, and I’m CC-ing everybody:

  1. “emails i can’t send”
  2. “Vicious”
  3. “Read your Mind”
  4. “Tornado Warnings”
  5. “because i liked a boy”
  6. “Already Over”
  7. “how many things”
  8. “bet u wanna”
  9. “Nonsense”
  10. “Fast Times”
  11. “Skinny Dipping”
  12. “Bad for Business”
  13. “decode”

The album is so honest and personal, “it’s times like these, wish I had a time machine,” so I could see this masterpiece bloom into life. “You’re so vicious” if you have yet to stream emails i can’t send! Sabrina worked tirelessly to create a perfect mix of heartfelt and heart-wrenching harmonious pieces of art. “I can’t read your mind,” but I can definitely see your hand turning into a microphone, scream-singing these songs while your other hand dramatically waves in the air. 

Each verse beautifully unveils Sabrina’s artistry. You just can’t wait to reach the bridge, and once you’re over it, you’re hooked to go again because the song-listening experience was exhilarating. It’s that good.

That is the very reason “I’m lying to my therapist when I say I’m okay… after streaming emails i can’t send. I “fell so deeply into it”— I was unprepared for this inspired album to drop. I’d also be lying when “I say I’m done” listening to emails i can’t send because it’s been on repeat for me since its release day. 

I feel myself falling further down [my] priorities,” such as choosing to stream emails i can’t send or sleep. It’s been difficult for me to sleep lately anyways with this summer heat, but Sabrina made it more challenging by releasing this fire album— as if it isn’t already burning “[hot] out []here.” 🥵❤️‍🔥

Sabrina took her sweet time curating emails i can’t send, but it was definitely worth the wait. “I caught the l o v e” for this album, and I’m finding it hard to pick a favorite amongst these songs.

If there’s anything to take away from this album, there’s “no time for rewrites.” The past is the past; there’s nothing you can do to change it. Through her ingenious songwriting, Sabrina eloquently expressed her overwhelming experiences of love and loss.. 

Sabrina’s album resonates in our aching hearts, as you can feel the dramatic highs of newfound love to the disappointing lows of young heartbreak. It feels like you’re “swimming on the edge of a cliff.” 

All of my friends think I’ve gone crazy” because I’ve been talking nonstop about Sabrina’s newest album. 

Sabrina Carpenter, “You’re good at the giving too much” because this album- IT’S GIVING! 🎶🥰

Stream emails i can’t send by Sabrina Carpenter now!