Next in Fashion Review

If you’re looking for the perfect short and sweet show to binge watch, check out the Netflix original series, Next in Fashion. Since it premiered in January 2020, there is only one season of this series. With 10 episodes available, it is enough to get you hooked without taking too much time to watch. 

The concept of the show is very similar to Project Runway. It starts with 18 designers from around the world who aspire to win the grand prize of $250,000 and the chance to start their career and become a household brand. The two hosts of this show are Tan France from Queer Eye and Alexa Chung, a British writer and fashion designer. 

The contestants are qualified designers, and some of them have already designed for or styled very well known celebrities, such as Rita Ora or Beyonce. While showing off why they are the future of fashion, they must compete in one new challenge every week. Whoever comes in last place is eliminated until there is one winner standing. 

To keep things interesting, each challenge is conducted under a time constraint. You’re kept on your toes while getting to know each one of the designers. If you love a competition and have any sort of interest in the fashion industry, this is the perfect series for you!