New Do, New You

As much of the country is still in quarantine, we have a lot of time on our hands. One thing to do is try out new styles, whether that be hairstyles, fashion style, or the style in which we carry ourselves.

Photo from Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hair can define who we are. Hairstyles are a part of our appearance and sense of self. One trend that many people seem to be partaking in right now is cutting bangs that rest on the forehead, above the eyes.

There are so many ways to style bangs. You can wear them straight in the front, pinned up, to the side, or split right down the middle. Since quarantine has been in effect, bangs have been very popular.

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A word of advice: bangs take a long time to get rid, so make sure they are really what you want. It can be difficult to cut your own bangs, so you might want to ask someone you trust to help you.