NERAM: the New Wave of Fast Fashion

Maren Marwerth “Blends the essence of past fashion with a sustainable statement expressing modern styles.” 

As an intentional consumer, I focus on brands and products that will benefit me while avoiding harming the environment. I have been surrounded by friends with the same outlook in their lives over the years. That is why I would like to highlight the brand and company named NERAM. This company was founded in 2018 by Maren Marwerth that was jumpstarted by the Texas Christan University’s values and ventures competition, where she won $2,500 as a runner-up finalist.

“NERAM’s mission is to extend clothing lifecycles and encourage circularity. Because of this, we collect discarded textiles from donations and various second-hand sources to be remade.” NERAM started their brand by using recycled sweatshirts and rebranding and embordering them to follow the latest fashion trends. Over time, NEARM has rebranded into a recycled denim brand. Marwerth takes old denim from thrift stores or donated used denim and recycles it into clothes and accessories that are cute and affordable. NERAM is working on new advancements to the brand, future dates to be determined, but if you head on over to the website you can view all the available bags and purses available for purchase. Act fast as each one is specifically curated and one of a kind.

As a society, environmental impact will leave the world a little more heavy as the holiday season approaches. According to, “80 percent of items—and any plastic packaging they are wrapped in—will end up either in landfill, incineration or—at best—low-quality recycling, often after a very short life”. Consumerism is a necessity in today’s world, but we can find ways to be intentional with our impact on the environment. Baby steps are key to educating yourself on the sustainable brands and options that are on the rise. “NERAM’s produces express a new evolution of luxury fashion.” NERAM accepts donations of your own worn-out denim for product discounts and exclusive access to future lines.

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