Native Foods Café

image source: Autumn Schorr

Native Foods Café is hailed by vegans and non-vegans alike for serving delicious, healthy foods in abundant portions. The menu is extremely diverse, offering vegan-friendly Mexican, Indian, Asian, and American dishes. A highly recommended and popular pick is the BBQ “Chicken” Salad. Soy chicken and bacon, avocado, black beans, jicama, roasted corn, and toasted pepitas make up this nutritious salad. Though the entrée portions are large, the dessert selection is not to be ignored. Try the dairy-free and healthier cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes and seasonal creations (currently a pineapple upside cake for the summer season). The interior décor is retro, yet comfortable, creating a perfect spot to study or catch up with friends! Native Foods Café in Costa Mesa, California is a must do whether you’re a vegan or not!