Nails for the Fall

The autumn has some of my favorite colors for nail polish. I love coordinating my nails with a specific color palette or wardrobe I intend to wear during the fall months. The following are a few of my favorite staples.

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I am a simple girl who likes classic colors. My favorite nail color to wear year-round, but especially in fall, is dark red or plum. This is a classic, chic color that goes with a variety of different outfits. It is retro and evokes a sense of comfort and elegance. I recommend pairing this beautiful rich color with a wardrobe of nudes and beiges to make your nails pop.

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Another color I find flexible is dark grey or French grey. It seems like a boring hue, but the color is extremely versatile and pairs well with darker, cooler colors in fall or provides a neutral for warm tones. I tend to like my grey colors to be more on the mauve or purple side to give it a little edge.

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Occasionally, I like to spice things up with a gold tip or matte finish to add some spice to these simple colors. Fall is a great time to experiment with these finishes because darker, richer colors translate well with matte. I recommend navy, red, chocolate brown, or dark green. 

In addition, translucent and pink tones are always in style and continue to be classy and understated beauty choices. Have fun mixing outfits and nails to create some unique fall styles!