Nail It: Summer 2022

Image Source: Glamour

Hot girl summer is here, and there is a wide variety of trendy nail designs for everyone to try. Fun, artistic designs and colorful French tips are swarming TikTok and Instagram. There’s bound to be a style that fits to anyone’s liking. A great way to stay in-the-know with fast-changing trends is by scouring Pinterest. Here are five, hand-picked options for the next trip to the nail salon:

1. Wavy Designs

Image Source: Walmart

Reminiscent of the ocean waves, these swirly designs have been increasing in popularity over the last year or two. Whether you stick to a single color or combine varying shades of a hue to form the waves, these designs are simple yet sophisticated. Combine them with French tips, and you have a newer twist on two clean designs.

2. White Ombre

Image Source: Soul Spa

You can never go wrong with classics, and a white ombre is clean and refreshing — perfect for summertime. Switch the nail shape from almond to square, and you get a completely different look. You can even take your own spin on the classic look by adding jewels or sparkles to your design.

3. Retro Hearts

Image Source: Nail Pro

Inspired by the Powerpuff Girls and Wildflower’s Latte Love phone cases, these designs are the way to anyone’s heart. The hearts are formed by multiple shades of a single color, whether that be pink, blue, green, purple or red. If you’re feeling adventurous enough, this design can also be combined with other styles such as swirls and French tips.

4. Strawberries & More

Image Source: Your Classy Look

What do you get when you combine strawberries, flowers, and bold reds? Another stand-out look. Change the strawberry into any other fruit for another variation. Compared to the other designs, this one is more intricate and complicated, but it’s very much worth the effort.

5. Checkmate!

Image Source: Fab Mood

Checkerboard patterns have become increasingly popular in recent years, although they may be your nail artist’s worst nightmare. They can look amazing on the entire nail or as French tips, and you can choose to do a full hand of checkerboards or combine them with other designs. Either way, these patterns are trendy for 2022 and will most likely stay around for longer.