My Shopping Spree (And the Goodies I Finally Had Enough Coupons to Try)

The post-holiday sales at Ulta or Sephora always have the most fun collections to try, especially if there are some things that didn’t get checked off of your wish list. I had a shopping spree after Christmas and grabbed the following items off the sale shelf.

Photo from Truly

1. Truly Products: This brand was one that I always wanted to try, but I couldn’t stomach paying for a product that I wasn’t 100% sold on. After collecting a handful of coupons and an Ulta gift card, I grabbed Truly’s two most popular products: Buns of Glowry and Acai Your Boobies. These products are meant to increase blood flow and tighten targeted areas, and they definitely helped with cellulite and gave me glowy skin!

Photo from

2. Starface Hydro-Stars: I saw these little stars posted all over my social media and was automatically intrigued. These stars are hydrocolloid patches that absorb fluid, shield from bacteria and prevent you from picking at your face (I’m definitely a culprit of this!). The stars are cute and packaged in a fun, magnetic, refillable container. I definitely recommend them!

Photo from Cerave

3. The final products that I snagged on my haul were from CeraVe. This product line became popular on Tik Tok in 2020 because of the account Skincare By Hyram. I want to give a warning on this product (one that I wished I had): CeraVe does not necessarily suit everyone’s needs. My skin broke out after use and it took a while to clear up again. 

That said, I have plenty of friends that use this product line and consider it their saving grace. I suggest doing some research on your skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.) and what side effects are commonly associated with it, like sensitivity or being acne-prone.