My Personal Style: Casual and Dressy

On the average casual dress day, I wear skinny jeans (most likely black) and a tank top or t-shirt. This allows me to be comfortable while maintaining flexibility in my day’s activities. 

If the weather requires it or I get cold, I throw on a long cardigan because of the flow it provides to the outfit. Also, a cardigan makes me looked a little more dressed up than a hoodie and they come in all sorts of different styles and levels of warmth. 

When it comes to shoes, I am a fan of those similar to Vans because they are so versatile and complete so many different looks. I usually wear shoes that are not bulky and without brand names or marks because I like the simplicity of them.

Photo by Solène Trahand

My makeup will remain plain and simple to stay in the same style as the outfit. It will mostly comprise of mascara and foundation, though sometimes I add a light amount of neutral looking eyeshadow. 

Accessories are also an easy way to elevate your casual outfit. For me, that entails my go-to small white pearl-looking earrings, a discrete bracelet that I never take off, and sometimes a necklace as well.

When the occasion presents itself to dress up a little more, I am fast to jump to a dress or nicer top. Tops with ruffles, lace, and nicer materials, paired with jeans and ankle boots, can be appropriate for almost any occasion. It’s one of my favorite looks because I can wear it to class and out in the evening. 

However, there are also occasions which require something other than jeans. In this case, I go for a dress. My body shape (being wider at the hips but thin around the waist) is flattered by sundresses or A-line skirt dresses which show my waist. 

Photo by Solène Trahand

I often choose longer dresses as they tend to be more elegant and make me appear older and more mature. I wear heels with them so that the dress doesn’t trail on the floor.

Again, makeup and accessorize are paired with the outfit. As I am more dressed up, so is my makeup. I will add to the mascara and foundation, eyeshadow that matches or complements the outfit as well as lipstick. Jewelry wise I often wear hoop earrings (not too big though), a necklace, and the discrete bracelet that never leaves my wrist.

It is important to note that these are the clothes that I feel comfortable, empowered, and at home in. Everyone has their sense of style and we all feel like ourselves in different outfits.