Must-Have Beauty and Skincare items

I don’t tend to buy new beauty or skincare items often. I’ve had the same highlighter, lip gloss, and foundation for a year or two now. While I don’t shop for beauty items often, here is my list of go-to and reliable products that work well for me. 

Photo from Fashionista

Fenty Beauty Products

Fenty Beauty is my go-to beauty brand when it comes to makeup. As someone who doesn’t typically wear makeup, I like how their foundation feels light on my face and it blends easily. Also, if you’re looking for shiny, glossy lip products look no further than Fenty Beauty. This brand is your one-stop-shop for inexpensive, pigmented lip gloss. 

Photo from Ulta

The Ordinary Serum

I discovered this serum through Tik Tok and, after seeing its results of treating acne, I bought it as soon as the video was over. I don’t struggle with acne but I do get pimples from time to time. I’ve definitely seen differences in my skin, especially in my past acne scars after using this product. It’s definitely worth the hype it got on Tik Tok.

Photo from Ulta

Lancome Lash Idôle Mascara

Whenever I leave the house I like to wear some mascara to show that I’m putting in a little bit of effort. I’ve really liked the effect that the Lancome Mascara has on my lashes compared to other mascaras I’ve used in the past. It makes my lashes look longer, which is a need for me as I was sadly not blessed with naturally long lashes. 

Photo from Farmacy

Farmacy Honey Potion Face Mask

I will admit that when I first bought this it was purely because I loved the packaging. Luckily it became a product I like using and not something to just put on display. My skin gets dry at times and this mask makes my face firm and moisturized. This face mask isn’t for everybody so look into what type of skin you have before purchasing it.