Music Obsessions: Underground Artists

If you’re looking for new music suggestions and you like dreamlike alternative sounds look no further. Here are three of my most recent obsessions when it comes to underrated music.

Lindsey Lomis

Image Source: Spotify

The first is my most recent find, an up-and-coming artist named Lindsey Lomis. With several singles and EPs out on Spotify and Apple Music, this Nashville-based artist has made her way up in the music world.

With melancholic tones and constant beats, this dreamlike alternative sound has me deep in my feels. The melodic and transcendent vocal runs and melodies are sure to send chills up your arms and help you relax into a state with all the vibes. Every song Lindsey has created, I’ve listened to, and I can’t say there’s one I dislike. Among my favorites are Feel, Do You See Me?, DAYDREAMING, call me when u get home, and Our Memories, but there are loads more all with their unique sounds.

Conor Albert

The second is Conor Albert, a 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist whose music can be described as R&B/Soul. His singles, EPs, and albums are out on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services at this time. His music gives me Mac Miller vibes, with vibey beats and percussion as well as a singer-songwriter feel. His fast-paced upbeat songs are smooth, warm, and melodious and are perfect if you’re in the mood to just chill. The electric guitar and percussion along with harmonies and voice overlays give this young artist his unique sound.

My favorites of his are Crescent Moon ft. James Smith, Tell Me, and Undecided ft. Marie Dahlstrom.


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The third and final artist has been my biggest obsession over the last few months. I keep coming back to her again and again, as her songs resonate with me and just put me in a wonderful mood. Her unique sound and upbeat rhythms accompanied by creative and memorable lyrics are what create the earworm in my head even when I haven’t listened to her in days. My absolute favorites are Far Away and Two Dimensions, but I also love Manic Pixie Dream Girl. These singles are all out on Spotify and Apple Music as well and are well worth the listen.