Movie Recommendations for a Lazy Night In

Image via Pixy

With everything going on, it’s important to let yourself relax. Sometimes that can mean watching TV shows or movies all day long. So, I created a list of movie suggestions that might pique your interest the next time you’re choosing a movie.

Action/Thriller (Can be found on Netflix)

  • The Next Three Days
  • The Vanished

Drama/Romance (Can be found on Netflix)

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Enola Holmes

Comedy (Can be found on Netflix)

  • What a Girl Wants
  • Murder Mystery

Children’s/Family (Can be found on Disney+)

  • Klaus
  • Onward

Some of these you might have heard of, others might be new, but they all are great options! I really enjoyed The Next Three Days, a movie about a husband trying to prove his wife’s innocence in a murder case and reunite his family. I also highly recommend Klaus. Although this movie is centered around the Christmas Holiday, it’s a must-watch. It will leave you in the best mood! I hope this list gave you some ideas for your next movie night and that everyone is continuing to stay healthy and safe!