Midterms Season Tips!

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s hard to believe that for most of us, we’re already halfway through the fall semester! School on Zoom has gone by unbelievably fast and now we’re already heading into midterms season. Whether your midterms are exams, projects, or presentations, these tips are sure to be useful for you!

Plan your schedule. A key part of studying is to give yourself a certain amount of time to work and then move on. I also recommend figuring out when you are most alert and are able to absorb information the easiest. That might be in the early morning for some, or late night for others. Create your study schedule around your needs and how you work the best, and set a specific amount of time to study for each class to ensure you’re able to get to everything and don’t spend too much time on one subject.

Keep yourself moving. If you’re someone who can work anywhere, consider switching up your study spots every now and then throughout the day. You can move between your desk, another room, or even go outside if you want. The change in scenery helps to refresh your mind and alleviates that feeling of being both physically and mentally stuck in one place all day. If you prefer to study in the same spot, take breaks in between to go stretch, get out of your room, grab a snack, or talk to your family or housemates for a couple of minutes. It’s important to give your brain a pause and to engage in other activities.

Turn off inessential notifications. I’m easily distracted by email, text, and social media notifications. You can definitely check your notifications when you take breaks, but these can be distractions that interrupt your train of thought or studying mentality while you are trying to work. When I’m studying, I like to snooze notifications that aren’t essential so I’m not tempted to check my phone or other apps when I hear a ding. 

I hope these tips will be useful to you, and good luck on your midterms!