Meeting New People

Image Source: Chapman University

2020 has been an unexpected year, but as it is coming to an end, I am excited for what 2021 has in store. Since this has been my first year of college, it has been difficult to meet new people and get the first year college experience that everyone talks about. In 2021, I am looking forward to dorming at Chapman University. There are a few people currently dorming, but due to remote learning, I am living at home. I am grateful for the time I have been able to spend with my parents, but I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. Throughout my first semester, I texted a few other freshmen at Chapman to start making friends and meeting new people. Although texting has been a great way to do this, it will be exciting to hopefully meet these people in person next year. In 2021, I hope to get more involved at Chapman University, whether that is through clubs or going to events. I am already planning on joining a professional fraternity and am looking forward to making connections through that. Overall, as 2020 is almost over, I am excited for the new people I will be able to meet next year as school opens up and I can dorm at Chapman.