Me, Myself, and AI

Image Source: Scripts & Scribes

Imagine a world where your favorite novels, poems, and paintings are conjured up not by humans, but by lines of code and algorithms. Sounds like a sci-fi plot, right? 

Well, hold on tight, because that future might be closer than you think. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has wiggled its way into our creative playground–and it’s got everyone talking.

Let’s start with the controversy. Some purists argue that art, in its purest form, is a reflection of the human soul, a way to capture emotions and experiences that can’t be replicated by mere machines. They fear that letting AI loose in the artistic arena might dilute the authenticity and uniqueness that only human creators can bring. After all, who wants their favorite song to be composed by an algorithm rather than a passionate musician pouring their heart out?

But, hold on a minute. AI-powered tools have shown us some dazzling tricks. 

From generating poetry that could rival Shakespeare to composing music that stirs our souls, there’s no denying the astonishing capabilities of these digital maestros. And let’s not forget the practical side–AI can churn out content at a breakneck pace, something that would take a human a lifetime to achieve. So, should we be skeptical or thrilled about this digital brush on the canvas?

If you’re asking me, I’m more than nervous about what lies ahead. However, for the first three paragraphs of this article, you’ve been hearing from ChatGPT, which generously lent its talents to this topic. You wouldn’t know it, would you? With a click of a button and a cleverly worded request, a machine can produce a properly toned body of work that could easily replace my time at a computer. It’s this exact scenario that worries me; I went to college and earned a degree in creative writing, but will it soon be rendered useless? Was every artist’s journey for naught? 

The potential for plagiarism also arises. If AI is talented enough to follow any instruction, it is also capable of mimicking the style of any creator with publicized work. In the online writing community, I have witnessed many struggles (and read many a Twitter thread) in which writers want protection for the future of their scripts, artists want their work kept out of AI-generated endeavors, and people have been scammed by work that was less than authentic. 

In the rest of the AI article, ChatGPT pointed out the boundary-breaking potentials of a code that can rapidly produce unique content. This made me laugh! Of course, it would fight for itself to be included in the creative sphere (despite my instructions to write about the controversy and danger it presents). 

But art and creativity are quite literally what separates us from all other life. 

We have the capacity to depict what’s not seen and to express what lives within the soul. No matter how truly intelligent other creatures are, the pivotal role of art in our development over the thousands of years we’ve existed isn’t to be denied. It’s a shame that our innovative minds may have walked our human ingenuity into obsoletion.