Materialism and Joy in The Grinch

Image Source: The Washington Post

This holiday season, the classic The Grinch will be rebooted again, with another version of the lovable yet grouchy green animated character with his pet dog Max and his reindeer Fred. While the plot remains much the same—the Grinch, angry at Christmas, terrorizes Whoville and the Whos by impersonating Santa Claus—the motifs present in this version vary slightly.

The character of the Grinch, as portrayed in many other versions, is underwhelmed by the materialism of Christmas and judges the Christmas-oriented Whos because of his dislike. The witty repartee between the Grinch and the Whos, with prods at capitalism and money-laundering, makes this classic much more entertaining and modern for older viewers. While the nostalgic aspects from such a beloved character are still present, the 2018 Grinch (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) manages to put his own spin on the tale with humor that transcends age so that even when your niece wants to see the film for the third time, you’re laughing along with her.

Despite not being the 1966 wonder we all know and love, The Grinch’s modern take on the impact of love and acceptance, even on the toughest of people, will leave you wanting more.

Image Source: Universal Pictures