Marvel’s Rise In Female Superheroes

Image Source: Marvel Blog

A lot has changed and improved for women in today’s society. From getting the right to vote to electing the first-ever female Vice President, women have come a long way to earn the rights they deserve.  Though there is still work to be done, many resources have come together to strengthen the idea of feminism and help grow its cause.  One major staple in today’s society that has helped to increase the involvement and liberties of women is the ever-growing movie and television industry.  Females have begun to steal the spotlight in films, landing major lead roles and being recognized as some of the greatest actresses of all time.  

One major franchise that has been swamping the media lately and has expanded on its inclusion of female actresses by casting them in major leading roles is the Marvel Cinematic Universe-one of the most successful film franchises. Marvel has been expanding to even greater lengths with their new films and first-ever television series streaming on Disney Plus. Recently, Marvel has been working on multiple new series that focus on female superheroes, a change that is definitely most welcome. From the hit series WandaVision to the upcoming new series Ms Marvel, Marvel has been exploring more of its female heroes from the comics and bringing them to life on screen. Marvel has changed the tides for the dynamic of female actresses, turning away from the cliche damsel in distress and creating strong independent female superheroes.

Not only has Marvel shed more light on its female heroes but it has also taken a huge step in expanding its diversity. Marvel has cast its first-ever Egyptian and Muslim superheroes, two females that have already made an impact on our society and will continue to pave the way for more inclusion in the future. With more upcoming films and series on the way, Marvel is cooking up some big plans, and it looks like this time it will be female heroines taking the main spotlight.