Man’s Best Friend

Image via Washington Post

Dogs are indeed one of the best companion animals. They are loving, loyal, playful, caring, and, of course, adorable! I have two amazing dogs, Lapis and Elfie. The best decision I have ever made was rescuing them. Not only do they make me feel warm and fuzzy, but they also provide emotional comfort. The level of support they provide is considerable, as they can quickly turn my frown upside down.

If you’re feeling playful, a dog is a perfect companion! They love to play tug-a-war with toys, play catch, swim, hike, and run around. When my dogs were younger, they enjoyed anything active. I love taking my dogs to a park or hiking trail. Although my dogs are not water-lovers, many dog breeds enjoy jumping into the water!

If you’re in the mood to relax and chill, a dog is perfect for cuddling with as well. I know for a fact that my dogs take their lazy days very seriously. When it comes to relaxing, they know how to do it well. I love laying on my bed cuddled up with my dog under a blanket.

If you’re having a bad day, rest assured, a dog will be sure to brighten it! I am fully convinced that dogs have superpowers. They can feel your mood and emotions and will come to the rescue with the letter “S” marked on their chests every time. Whenever I am stressed, my dog comes and lays with me, allowing me to rest my heavy head on his warm belly.

Especially during this pandemic, dogs have proven to be the best companion animals bringing people joy, happiness, and fun. If you are dog-less and want a special addition to your family, consider visiting your local shelter. There are so many precious dogs that are in need of a loving home.