Managing Time

Image via Corporate Finance Institute

With classes, clubs and organizations, work, and sleep, it can sometimes be difficult to have a balanced social life. Through the years, I have learned some time-management tips that have allowed me to complete all of my work while still having free time.

The biggest time-management skill is to always make a schedule and have a calendar. I personally prefer writing down my calendar in the Notes app on my phone; however, some of my friends use Google Calendar or even write down their plans on a sheet of paper or a bullet journal. By having all upcoming events written down in one place, it is easier to plan as you can visually see what your schedule looks like. Additionally, every morning, I like to make a schedule for the day. The schedule isn’t always accurate, but I write down everything I would like to accomplish for the day along with approximately how long it will take. Writing down how long I think it will take helps me not procrastinate. Especially with larger assignments and projects, breaking down those projects into smaller chunks and estimating how long they will take helps me get my work done sooner and more efficiently.

Another tip I have is to surround yourself with people who work hard. I find myself being more productive when I am in the library, or when I am in a study group with friends. Seeing other people being productive and working hard motivates me to do the same. My friends and I like setting a timer for about 2 hours to stay focused, and give ourselves an incentive if we can go the full time without getting distracted. Usually, this incentive will be going out to eat for lunch at our favorite restaurant.

Lastly, it is important to remember that it is okay to have “off” days where you stay in bed all day. I used to have the mindset that taking a mental health day is lazy, and I would get behind, but your body and mind need to take a break sometimes. Time management isn’t something that is learned immediately, but creating a calendar is the first step to having more productive days.