Making Time for the Right Summer Plans

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

Every summer has it’s special moments tied along the relaxing season. My memories of summer are often being a little too hot and laughing a little too hard. This summer I am hoping for the same.

Even though I have a summer job to tend to, I’m still making time for spending time with my friends here at home and to my friends across the country. I’m so excited to be flying to Boston to visit my best friends made during my time in Italy. We’ll be spending the 4th of July at Star Island where one of my friends works for the summer, and touring the magnificent city of Boston. At home, my friends and I have promised to try all the most decadent restaurants (coffee/ice cream shops included) and go to the lake as much as possible. We know we’re getting older because it’s getting harder to find time because of busy work schedules so we cherish our time a little more now.

Here’s to another sparkly summer!