Making the Most of Summer

Image Source: Nicole Zedeck

All of a sudden I looked at the calendar and it’s the middle of June. Summer is flying by, so it’s
important to make the most of it with some fun summer plans! For me, I try to find time for
work, friends and the outdoors.

As far as work goes, if you’re looking for a summer job try and find something that you’ll enjoy
going to. Summer is a time to have fun and relax, so if possible your job should fit into your
schedule or lifestyle. For example, I am working at Sweaty Betty, a women’s activewear store.
I love their clothes, but more importantly the company culture encourages people to be active
and enjoy time outdoors. I love working out, so this job seemed like the perfect fit for me and
it’s something I enjoy doing that keeps me busy.

Having a job is a great way to make a little extra cash before school starts again, but it’s
important to also take a break and see friends and family. In college it can be hard to find time
to see friends from home because people start going home less frequently. If your friends are
all over the country, try to find a weekend when you can all meet up. Go to the beach, an
old-time hangout spot or a camping trip. By planning a memorable weekend it’ll be a great
way to catch up with friends and make sure you all stay in touch. This summer I am living in
California and my two best friends are in Colorado and New Mexico. Because we are all so
far apart, we are meeting up in the beginning of August to go on a backpacking trip in
Colorado. It’ll be great to see them and spend time outdoors to clear my head before school
starts back up.

I highly recommend taking some time this summer to really enjoy the great outdoors. Whether
you’re hiking, biking, camping or surfing, I promise some fresh air and sunshine will have you
feeling fresh. Summer will come and go before you know it, so take the time to rejuvenate
your mind and body!