Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Image via Clipartkey

This year, I made it my resolution to make the most of every opportunity. This has allowed me to embrace trying new things. It has taught me to take chances on things that I never would have thought I would like and encouraged me to be open to new experiences, such as starting college and reaching out to different types of people. I didn’t make this a goal because I had a fear of missing out—I made this goal because I thought it would be a good, year-long challenge to push myself to my limits. Most importantly, making the most of every opportunity has taught me to follow an idea, no matter where it may take me, because I never know how something will turn out unless I try.

I’m not saying that every experience has been positive, but if I were not open to every opportunity, I might never have stretched my boundaries and learned about new likes, dislikes, or even followed them further. By pushing myself to follow each passion or mere interest, I am able to identify new topics that I may not have discovered otherwise or on a traditional path. Going forward, this goal has taught me that in order to make the most of this time in my life—making the transition from high school to beginning college—I need to take chances and risks to discover the perimeters of my comfort zone.

I feel that I have been able to apply this goal to all aspects of my life, including the social, academic, and creative. Over this past summer, when I was registering for college courses for the first time, I found myself approaching these new classes with the mindset of making the most of my opportunities, especially when it came to selecting my general education courses. Given a flexible schedule and the freedom to select specific classes that made up my schedule, I found myself signing up for classes that were either unavailable to me in high school or I did not know exactly what to expect from them. When keeping this goal in mind, creatively speaking, I believe that I have pushed myself in my writing, trying new techniques and learning to improve familiar ones. Socially, I have stretched myself as an introvert to reach out to people in hopes of building new friendships.

Making the most of the opportunities that surrounded me this year has allowed me to become more open-minded and excited for the new events that come with each day. By doing this, I believe that I’ve been able to be adventurous and adaptable in my new college surroundings. This year, I feel as though I have not missed out on anything and have not taken anything or any chance for granted.