Making a Small Space Your Space

Image source: Jasmine Liu

Lounging in your room after an exhausting day is one of life’s many blisses. In college, it’s common to feel like your room is just a place to sleep. However, decorating and forming the room to your favor will provide you with more than just a good night’s rest. 

While it may feel like a bother to have a small space or even a shared space, see this as an opportunity to get creative and cozy. Make the space yours by giving it touches of your own personality and you’ll be beaming every moment you spend there. 

Whatever your taste, make decisions based on what you like. Here are some suggestions for making your space more cozy and less closet-like.

Add string lights. No matter the space, string lights will make it look charming and easeful. They’re also perfect for when you’re snuggling up to a good book.

Tastefully post pictures on your walls. What counts as “tastefully” is up to your discretion. Stick them up all lined up, scattered around, or hanging on some yarn–whatever makes your heart happy. The people and places in the pictures should give you a sense of warmth.

Throw some plants into the mix. Not only are they good for the air and your health, but plants also transform your room into an aesthetic garden, which is always delightful.

Keep it tidy! Less is always more and that includes cutting down on the clutter in your space.Trust me, your space will look larger that way!