Makeup Steals & Attaining the Natural Look

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As a girl who has never known what type of makeup to buy or even how to really apply it, finding cosmetics that match my bank account and skin tone is a serious struggle. Fortunately, as years have passed, I’ve gained a few hidden tricks that, if done properly, can amount to the perfect, everyday makeup look.

You always want to start with a light liquid foundation. You want it to last all day without doing heavy damage to your skin. Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone exactly so that you create more of a natural look! Apply it with your favorite type of beauty blender, because using your fingers will wear away at your skin, causing wrinkles!

Next you want to have a concealer that will hide those nightmarish, late-night-studying under-eye bags. We’ve all been there. (A skin care product I would recommend for eye bags is Burt’s Bees Eye Cream! It works wonders, with results in less than two weeks.) The concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone so that it properly hides dark circles and zits. Dab it on the blemishes on your face you want to cover up, blending lightly.

The next touch for a causal made-up look is black mascara. I like to use the “blackest black” shade to make my light blue eyes pop. Apply it as lightly or heavily as you would like to your top and bottom lashes.

Finally, I end my natural look with just a sliver of lip color. You will always see a nude-pink matte lipstick attached at my hip! However, on days when I want to add a little more flare to my look, I’ll use a darker shade; the slightest change in color can really make your whole look pop!

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Another way to add confidence to your look is to brush on a few strokes of highlight and bronzer. Apply it on your cheekbones, nose, and lips to really turn some heads!

Makeup should be applied to make you feel more confident as a person–never to burn a hole in your pocket. So stock up on those drugstore brands, slap on that lip gloss, and seize the day!