Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Rebecca Giansante

I’m going to start off this article by saying I’m single, and have been for ten years. I haven’t been on a date in probably five or six years. So, I can only write this article from an outside perspective; someone who’s Valentine’s Day will be spent playing Animal Crossing and Pokémon.  

Nevertheless, as an observer to the whole Valentine’s Day fiasco, I wonder, why not make Valentine’s Day something that can be done every day? I’m not trying to say we should get rid of Valentine’s Day, it’s cute and fun (I especially love cheesy store bought Valentines), but why not make that kind of fun and special treatment something going on all year long?

The merchandise won’t be available all year, I realize that, but the ability to treat your significant other the way you would on Valentine’s is. Why wait until the next Valentine’s Day to give your girlfriend that new necklace you bought for them? Why wait to make reservations for that restaurant you’ve both been planning to go to? Besides, if you don’t wait to give gifts or go out, you’ll avoid a lot of rush, and a lot of sold out listings on items.

I would even apply this to friends. Make that handmade card for your bestie and give it to them, letting them know how appreciated they are. Give friends those cheesy drug store Valentines featuring characters from movies.

The love and special treatment doesn’t have to just be once a year. Keep it alive all year, give gifts (if you can), give cards, give thanks, and give love all year long.