Skincare is a forever trending topic. Learning to understand your skin types and conditions, such as sensitivity or scarring, is important when looking for products to smooth your skin. When I was young, I never had trouble with my skin until I moved to another state. I felt that the change in climate was so harsh on my skin and the reactions were painful. It seemed like none of my favorite skincare products were helping the situation, so I decided to try natural ingredients.

Photo from Lush

One of my favorite skincare lines is Lush. Lush focuses on using all naturally derived ingredients which are focused on exfoliation and soothing the skin. At first, I wasn’t sure what products I would be able to use. Everything felt overwhelming, between a new place and skin that wasn’t happy no matter what I tried.

Lush has a skin type quiz that helps sort out different products that would work for your skin based on your answers. I have combination skin that is also sensitive, therefore the quiz gave me a few products with calming agents such as Sleepy Face, Breath of Fresh Air, and Celestial. Between these three products, which contain lavender, aloe, and orchid cream, my acne-prone skin almost instantly cleared up. This set of products were specifically geared towards calming and cleaning the skin, but other products are incredible too.

Sleepy Face bar. Photo from Lush

One of my most favorite skincare treats is face masks. They are all handmade by someone special from Lush with all-natural ingredients as well. (The containers are recyclable and if you collect five you can turn them in for a FREE face mask!) My top two masks are Warrior and Cup O’ Coffee!

Cup O’ Coffee mask. Photo from Lush

Not only does Lush focus on skincare, but they also have hair products, body products, and their own makeup line. Some of their hair products include shampoo bars, hair treatments, and pressed conditioners. Cruelty-free makeup is also their goal, meaning they only test on human volunteers, but their makeup is all-natural just like their skincare. They are focused on minimal packaging and plastic, so a lot of their products are condensed and reused in other ways to help preserve our planet.

Charity Pot lotion. Photo from Lush

Lush holds true to their founder’s wishes in that they focus on issues close to their hearts, like fighting against animal testing and donating what they can by use of their products, such as Charity Pot, whose entire proceeds go to small grassroots organizations!