Loving Our Pets

Image via Belana Beeck

In 2020, our pets definitely had the time of their lives. They loved the fact that we were always home. And because of that some became incredibly clingy. I got a kitten during quarantine, and she follows me around everywhere, so used to having all the company in the world. 

Whether your pet is a lone wolf or super clingy, they need us, and all they want is our love. So this is your reminder to spend a little more time with them. Take your dog on an extra-long walk, beam the laser so your cat can go crazy, or just give them a big hug. Life is short, and every second counts, so make the most of it, even with our pets. They might drive us crazy sometimes, but we still love them. Life can get busy and we can easily forget about the little things, but they’re always there for us when we need them, so let’s always return the favor!