Loving Our Community

Image via Pixabay

Friends, loved ones, special outings and lots of candy; at the center of it all, Valentine’s Day is about the expression of love. Overall, it feels good to show the ones we love that we care, and this love flows with a familiar easiness. With the context of so many people calling for awareness, empathy, and justice, now is the time to highlight connection and empathy in our communities as we value our family and friends. This Valentine’s, check out nonprofits, libraries, schools, and volunteer groups in your area to see how you can show love to your community! Here are some nonprofits in my community which I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate:

Think Together organizes after-school enrichment programs across California for K-12 students. They not only teach college and career readiness, but also create programs designed for each community to help students grow and become locally involved.

Casa Teresa provides mothers and pregnant women with residential programs, classes, and other supportive services in preparation to “maintain a safe, loving life for herself and her child(ren).”

Caterina’s Club provides “access to nutritional food, stable housing, and job training for youth.” Programs associated with Caterina’s Club include Feeding the Kids, which provides meals to over 25,025 children a week; the Welcome Home program, which provides families with assistance and resources to move out of motels and into apartments or condos; and Hospitality Academy, which trains teenagers for careers in hospitality.

One Love Rescue and many other animal rescues organize animal care, fostering, and adoption services.

Love For Our Elders accepts, processes, and sends handwritten and video letters to senior facilities across the country.

The Bolsa Chica Conservancy preserves and restores one of Southern California’s last saltwater marshes and protects the wildlife that lives in it. Additionally, they provide advocacy and education in the community.

Working Wardrobes gives a “hand up” to veterans, young adults, seniors, and people who are underemployed, unemployed, or seeking job reentry with clothing donations and career preparation training.