Living Life to the Fullest

Image Source: Pixabay

In 2020, it felt as if our lives were put on hold, as if the year had a net weight of zero on the purpose of our lives. However, the world kept turning; as for me, I learned that my life did not have to adhere to my preconceived plans in order to be meaningful. 

The challenges that came with 2020 made it clear to me that every day presents two options: stay close-minded about the limitations of my environment, or expand my mind to see the possibilities in which I can act and grow. Yes, my path drastically shifted with the circumstances, and options I thought I would have were not available anymore. However, I was inspired by so many people who used this time to improve their skills, practice, learn, and educate themselves. They showed me that I could still live a beautiful life. 

This was not our plan, and it has not been easy for anybody. But this year taught us resilience: we see the purpose in life when the social expectations and structures that we build our lives around seem to fall apart. No matter what situation we are in, we can always live to the fullest. My intention is to carry this hope and new purpose into 2021, and in doing so, live a life in the present moment.