Life360 – Staying Connected

Image via Google Play

Most everyone has a smartphone these days, which means many of us use dozens of phone applications every day. Some of them are casual time-occupiers, while others feel necessary for life. And others are just useful on certain occasions.

One application that I find helpful every so often is Life360. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it allows you to group your friends or family together so that you can track them. That might seem creepy at first, but it can be very handy. Whether you’re just trying to see if your friend is really on her way to meet you for coffee or if you’re checking to see that your child made it home safely, Life360 is there to help.

You can set it up to receive notifications if someone reaches a specific location, if they need help, or even if their phone battery is low, so you can remind them to charge it. You can see where they are and how long it would take to get to them. I find this very helpful when one of my family members is driving back from a long trip to get an idea of when to expect them home.

You can use Life360 as little or as much as you want. Having that extra security of knowing where someone is can help put your mind at ease, no matter your relation to them. We all want to keep the people we love safe. Life360 can help you do that.