LGBTQ Book Recommendations

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This past month, I have been given many LGBTQ book recommendations from my friends, family, and the Internet.

Currently, I am reading Red, White, and Royal Blue, which follows the story of Alex, the First Son of the United States, and Henry, the prince of Wales. Initially, both of these boys despise each other. However, this all changes when Prince Henry kisses Alex on New Year’s Eve. Due to the political power that both Alex and Henry’s parents have, it is necessary that they keep their relationship a secret. I am not finished with the book yet, but I am excited to see how Alex and Henry’s relationship progresses and am hopeful that they get a happy ending.

Another LGBTQ book that I loved reading was They Both Die At The End. At midnight on the day that you are supposed to die, you get a phone call letting you know that you have 24 hours left to enjoy your life. When Mateo gets a call letting him know he is going to die, he goes on an app to meet other people who will also be dying on the same day. Mateo meets Rufus, and the two of them decide to make their last day memorable and do everything on their bucket list. While going on a bunch of mini-adventures, the two of them fall in love. The book ends tragically when both Mateo and Rufus die, but it is memorable to see how the two of them lived their last day to the fullest.

There are many other LGBTQ books that are popular, including Song of Achilles, Here’s to Us, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. These books address some of the hardships faced by the LGBTQ community and for that reason, I recommend that everyone read them.